Product Review: Lovevery “The Senser” Play Kit

I was not asked or commissioned to review this kit. This post includes my honest review, opinions, and experience.

This was our second Lovevery play kit, full of fun toys for your little one to interact with. If you’d like to see my review of the Charmer kit, click here.

“The Senser” play kit includes 8 items:

  • Spinning Rainbow Wooden Toy
  • Magic Tissue Box
  • Magic Tissues
  • Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball
  • “Parts of Me” Wooden Book
  • Play Socks with Rattles
  • Tummy Time Wobbler
  • A guide on how to use each item with your 5-6 month old, as well as some other fun activities

Right off the bat, the play socks were a big hit. They have little balls on the toes that jingle when she shakes her legs, and the socks don’t fall off unlike the other play socks we have. These were only exciting for a few weeks though, because Z stopped playing on her back and immediately flips to her stomach now.

The Magic Tissues & Box were another toy she enjoyed pretty early on. At first she just wanted to suck on the tissues, but started pulling out the tissues out of the box a few weeks in. Now she lifts up the entire box trying to figure it out, and loves playing peek-a-boo with the tissues!

I went through the “Parts of Me” wooden book with Z numerous times, and still do every once in a while. Toward the end of 6 Months she seemed a little more interested, but we still only get through a few pages before she gets distracted. The activity guide has other suggestions for teaching your baby their body parts as well, like singing “Head and Shoulders.”

The Tummy Time Wobbler, Cotton Rainbow Ball and Spinning Rainbow all became interesting to Z after she turned 6 months. She did play with the Wobbler a little bit before that, but she would get frustrated with it until she figured out that she could grab it with both hands. The excitement of the Wobbler really only lasted a few weeks, though. She’ll bat it around a little bit still, but prefers other toys.

The Cotton Rainbow Ball was also a toy that she lost interest in quickly. It took her a while to figure out how to hold the ball at first, and now she mostly just wants to put it in her mouth.

Z still plays with the Spinning Rainbow at 7 months. At first she liked to watch me spin it, until she figured out how to do it on her own. I think it was the sound that was most exciting to her at first, and then she started paying more attention to the colors.

We love these kits at our house, and I would highly recommend a subscription if you can afford to get one! The “Inspector” Kit has already arrived, and I can’t wait to watch her learn how to navigate these new toys!

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