Product Review: Lovevery “The Charmer” Play Kit

I was not asked or commissioned to review this kit. This post includes my honest review, opinions, and experience.

If you’re a parent and have never heard of Lovevery before, I highly recommend checking it out! We were gifted the Lovevery Play Gym before Z was born, and we absolutely love it – it includes a booklet of how to use the gym at various ages throughout her babyhood, and even turns into a tent when she’s a toddler!

The company also has a monthly Play Kit subscription, and my mom decided to surprise Z with a subscription at Christmas this year. She started with “The Charmer” play kit, which is for babies age 3-4 months. The kit for 1-2 months is called “The Looker,” but because several of the items seemed similar to what was already included in the Play Gym we decided to skip it.

“The Charmer” play kit includes 11 items:

  • A soft book
  • Mirror cards
  • Black & white cards
  • A large mirror
  • A crinkle bag
  • A wooden rattle
  • A rolling bell
  • A round beaded teether
  • A triangle teether
  • Hand-to-hand discs
  • A guide on how to use each item with your 3-4 month old, as well as some other fun activities

Z didn’t love all the items right away. In the first couple of weeks the only items she was interested in were the soft book, the large mirror, and the crinkle bag. By the time she was 4 months she started getting interested in the teethers as well, and a couple of weeks after that she became more curious about the rolling bell and the wooden rattle. She never really loved the hand-to-hand discs.

The book on how to use the items is fantastic. It’s true that some suggestions are pretty obvious (have your baby look in the mirror!), but they include some additional ideas as well (make different expressions at your baby in the mirror). They also have some at-home activities to try that don’t include any of the items in the kit, and one of them actually got my daughter FINALLY interested in tummy time (something that normally had her in tears within minutes).

Pages of the soft book include sleeves to put the mirror cards and black & white cards in, crinkly flaps that lift up and reveal the cards, a pocket to hide things in, crinkly triangle “flaps” with a bell and a squeaker inside, and a page with several strips of differently-textured fabrics. Z’s favorite pages were the triangle flaps and the textured fabrics. She was all about putting these into her mouth. She didn’t give a hoot about the cards, mirrors, or pockets in this book, but that could be because we’d been showing her black & white cards and pages since she was born and she was more interested in something new.

I will note that, if you do have the Lovevery Play Gym, the black & white cards and mirrors included in this kit can be used with the mat as well. The cards are different than the ones that come with the Play Gym.

The crinkle bag was a favorite early on, but she became less interested about halfway through her 4th month. This is another item that would go straight into her mouth. She never got into items going in and out of it, but loved the sound it made. Sometimes I’d put it on my hand and squeeze it at her, and sometimes I’d place it on her chest and she’d start pounding away at it.

The mirror is probably my favorite item in this kit. Even still (at 5 months + 1 week) she LOVES staring at herself in the mirror. If she was getting fussy, we could put the mirror above her and she’d start chatting to herself. Her first time being able to sit up on her own was looking into this mirror. It’s just fantastic! And it’s much better quality than the mirror cards included in both the Kit and with the Play Gym, which I found to be a bit distorted.

The teethers are great, and she particularly loves the round beaded one. It helped her learn how to grab items carefully and transfer them from hand to hand. Plus, it’s a fun one to chew on! She is still playing with both of the teethers, though lately we’ve been keeping the triangle one in the fridge in anticipation of her first teeth.

The wooden rattle was enjoyed later, in her 4th month, but she’s still playing with it. Only recently has she started smacking it against things to make noise, but before then she would reach out and focus on grabbing it…and of course put it in her mouth.

The rolling bell was another that she didn’t get into until later, but she’s still playing with a lot. She doesn’t care so much for the rolling as much as how easy it is to grab, shake, and put into her mouth. It’s one of the toys she still reaches for most often, in addition to the round beaded teether.

Z never got into the hand-to-hand discs, which is supposed to help her learn how to transfer an item from one hand to another. However, she figured out how to do this using the round beaded teether and she fully enjoyed the rest of the Play Kit’s items, so it’s not a big loss!

All in all we loved this kit and are super excited for the next one! I’ve put some of the toys away that she’s no longer interested in, but the majority are still on her play shelf and I imagine some will be popular with her for quite a while.

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